Andy McCluskey
Stuart Kershaw



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      Have you heard about the hollow man?
      Too frightened so he turned and ran
      Ffrom the vision that he cherished so
      Couldn't see it, so he let it go

      Everybody has a secret sin
      But everybody needs a chance to win
      Anyone could see I'm a man that's
      Sad and broken by the things I've done

      But now I'm sorry that I said goodbye
      And I'm sorry cause it's me that's crying
      I never finished what I started to
      But I'm just so sorry that I'm hurting you

      But it's too late for us to just be friends
      And too late for anything but the end
      And too many dreams fell through our hands
      And it's just too late to understand

      Now I'll never make a new beginning
      And I'll never stop the pain from winning
      Nothing matters to me anymore now
      I've lost the things I was fighting for

      And now I'm sorry that the dreams are gone
      And I'm sorry cause I'm not the one
      Who comes running when you need me so
      Cause I'm the fool that's let you go

      But it's too late...

      All the tears of pain are falling down (oh, oh, oh, oh)
      All the tears of pain are falling down, and you know...

      But it's too late...

      But it's too late...

      But it's too late...too's too late...


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