7" Vinyl Single

The OMD B Sides

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      Couldn't bear to focus, on the bottle laid before me
      Every moment wasted, was essential to our story
      Yet every single day, you're gonna make me feel that way
      Around this town, I know

      And heaven's up above us
      The stones below our feet
      Our situation
      It's like it's indiscreet
      Who's goin to say whose goin down
      Every little dream
      Is saturated.... this town

      Couldn't you believe me
      For once you could believe me
      But every small emotion
      That you treasured so completely
      We're a failing combination
      Like no other two, I know

      Every little moment
      And every little teardrop
      And every single precious
      Feeling we saved
      We're goin down in destination
      But it's obvious you're goin down
      Again with me

      I know, this time.... is the end

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