Paul Humphreys
Andy McCluskey



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      Well we know where the true one lies
      And you can't say it's our imagination just because
      We cannot find the proof

      We've shared this thought for some considerable time
      It's increasingly unlike the rest
      For as we get older we've become less aware

      Security lies at the heart of our lives
      Attaching ourselves to ourselves
      We're extinguished
      But we're still alive

      Misunderstood but our intention is good
      We were not questioned on our replies
      It does you no good though you think that it should
      And it would given half a chance

      If there's compassion in your hearts
      Now that you've seen enough
      We've given of our best for God's sake you know
      Please please please please please please please please
      Can we go home

      Is this the time or place to say goodby
      Regardless I'll find my final cue
      We'll sneak out the back door and close it

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