Andy McCluskey
Paul Humphreys


12" Vinyl Single

5" CD Single - 10 track EP

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      The cruel great white silence
      Crawls in from the dark
      Crushes your soul
      Cripples your heart
      And itís gone

      The brutal cold violence
      Of your last remark
      Hangs in the void
      Eclipses the spark
      And itís gone

      The dull great white silence
      That ends the affair
      It deadens the senses
      Freezes the air
      And itís gone

      Of all lifeís emotions
      Regret is the one
      That tortures and haunts
      Each deed that is done
      And itís gone

      No light in the distance
      To call from afar
      Extinguished, forgotten
      Remains as a scar
      And itís gone

      The cruel great white silence
      Crawls in from the dark
      Crushing your soul
      Crippling your heart
      And itís gone

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