Andy McCluskey
 Paul Humphreys


5" CD Single
(10 track EP)

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      Ave Maria, ave Maria
      Ave Maria, ave Maria

      Nobody asked you to be what you are,
      Nobody told you to go quite so far,
      Sometimes they need more then you have to give
      Everyone demands the ultimate gift

      And each fragile moment of every long day
      youíre frightened of failure in each word you say
      Your wives and your children, family and friends
      Will persecute you for each small accident

      And nothing can save you, no one forgives,
      Your where buried in envy the moment that you lived
      And running and hiding will do you no good
      Praying is wasted you misunderstood

      That the rules of the game were the ones that you laid
      All those long years ago, when you heedlessly played
      At the role of creator from cradle till grave,
      So suffer in silence you will never be saved

      And all of the answers washed out on the sand
      On a far distant shore of some unnamed dark land
      Where the science of reason cannot yet expand
      On the gospel of the martyrs, the nails in their hands

      Crashing gracelessly forward through debris of fate
      To the last bitter chapter the terminal gate
      The chains that you fashioned you strain just to stand
      Stumbling slowly surely into your own no manís land.

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