Paul Humphreys
Andy McCluskey



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      Mystereality, it's not the same game anymore
      A-nor the time or the places before
      You don't know, you don't know, you don't know

      If you see me you'll be asking
      It's always take take take take take take take take
      Oh, reality don't fool me, no mistakes this time

      Mystereality, well really it's all just promises
      You know how much I hate the unforeseen
      Oh don't you know

      A-never never a regard for the truth
      What's the meaning of that Mister R
      Oh, reality don't fool me, no mistakes this time

      My my, reality, so where did we go wrong
      Have you seen just a-recently
      the lengths to which we've been

      Now you could say that it's time
      escapes, they seldom work
      Oh, reality don't fool me, I count on you to know

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