Paul Humphreys
Andy McCluskey


7" Vinyl Single


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      La femme accident’s got everything you want
      You never have to know
      You never have to show
      she’s hanging on your every word

      She clings to your heart she won’t let you depart
      Oh this mine but she’s with you all the time
      She’s crying like a fragile child

      But if you get to know her she’s not a little girl
      And if she gets to know you you can’t escape her world

      La femme accident  a woman full of want
      Her hearts on the line you haven’t go the time
      She suffers like some Joan of Arc

      She says there’s just no justice in this world
      She’s paradise for a day

      La femme accident what reason could you want
      Just use her and turn away
      La femme accident got everything you want
      She’s paradise for a day

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