Andy McCluskey



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      The youth and the Imperialist Tribune was also addressed
      by a young girl from Nicaragua whose hands had been
      cut off at the wrists by the former Samosa guards.
      Veronica Merco, of the German Federal Republic, had this to say:
      "Also, ich habe eine Ausbildung gemacht zum Industriekaufmann
      und wurde nach der Ausbildung nicht Łbernommen..
      hab' also eine abgeschlossene Berufsausbildung".
      "Iím a shop assistant at the... ?? and I must say Iím a shop assistant
      by profession, but it is difficult for.... ??"


      Now and then a little thing gets by, now and then weíll cry
      Like a fall in a war, like a motherís open arms
      Like a pawn in a game, hard to take
      There we sit on a line, wasting fortunes at a time, and pray

      All the time we are gone, thereís no reason, thereís no way
      Oh, the soul is the one so they say
      There we sit on a line, wasting fortunes at a time, and play

      She never thought heíd be this way
      Her arms aloft, she holds
      But now itís all a memory
      And itís gone...

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