Tracey Carmen


(7" Vinyl / 5" CD Single)


Mehr Infos zum Song:



      Ah, ah...

      One by one the walls come down
      Spread the word all over town
      Kickin', screamin' like I'll drown
      Can't you see I'm falling

      I want you, do you want me?
      What's it take to make you see
      Like a bomb that's tickin' endlessly
      Can't you hear me calling

      Will you, won't you come with me
      Wishing, hoping that you'll see

      If you want it, it will come
      through the rain and burning sun
      Over hills and far away
      Nothing stops this, not today

      Take a chance on me tonight
      baby it'll be alright
      Nothing ventured, nothing gained
      Nothing lost but all the tears and pain

      zusätzliche Strophe (Albumversion):

      Give me all you got to give
      Live the life you wanna live
      No point of thinkin' 'bout "what if"
      come on... Make my day

      Tell me what I need to know
      If you don't want this then I'll go
      Insane but I won't let it show
      Don't let me walk away

      Will you...

      If you want it...

      If I could make you start to understand
      If I could only make you see
      What this all means to me, oh
      Let it in inside your heart
      Set your mind and spirit free
      Show me, show me, show me

      Ah, ah...

      If you want it...

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