Andy McCluskey


5" CD Single


Mehr Infos zum Song:



      Set the dials to overload
      My head is ready to explode
      I canít breathe the air you leave
      Abandoned to your fantasy

      Torn the children far away and
      Burned the house where they once played
      This terrifying wall of pain
      Is pouring down upon me once again

      Silence screaming louder still
      Tortured but it will not kill
      Burn the soul down to the core
      Kick the ashes on the floor

      Everything I tried to say
      Everything I tried to do
      Everything you begged of me
      Nothing was ever enough for you

      Now you know it hurts to be alone
      Praying that your heart was made of stone
      Trapped inside a head but not at home
      Tearing all the flesh away from bone

      I canít live. I canít live with you. And
      I canít live, I canít live without you
      I canít live. I canít live with you.
      I canít live without you, now

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