Orchestral Manoeuvres
In The Dark


7" Vinyl Single

The OMD B Sides

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      The boy saw the girl did the girl see the boy
      Would it ????????
      Coast to coast long distance calls
      From over the hill far away

      Crashin like a quake like a hammer in her hands
      It's a feeling in her heart it's a message in his hands
      A promise is a promise you know a promise is a promise
      Shhhhh, two minutes silence, can take it out tonight

      Boys saw the girl did the girl see the boy
      These things won't come to fast they're gettin fast enough
      With arms like a chameleon she changes with the tune
      She stood beside his car but refused to take a ride

      Boy saw the girl and the girl saw the boy
      They gave each other objects to remind them of that night
      Was it something that they said that always turns out right
      Shhhh, two minutes silence he's taking her out tonight
      He's taking her out tonight
      It all turns out right

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