Andy McCluskey
Paul Humphreys



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      I want to go up to Detroit,
      I want to lie in the shade
      I want to visit the president
      And then I want to get laid

      I want to go down to Memphis,
      I want to talk to the king,
      I want to tell him weíre sorry
      And it wonít happen again

      Iíve got a photo of James Joyce,
      Itís a photo by Man Ray,
      Itís not very very much like him,
      But itís not for me to say

      She sacrifices her body,
      Almost every night,
      Just like a lamb to the slaughter
      And she thinks it makes him feel right

      You gave me so many problems,
      You made me crash in my car,
      Iíll have a martini cocktail
      And then weíll see where we are

      So just be nice to your brother,
      Iíll take your sister to bed,
      And I can bloc bloc bloc till the weekend
      But youíd better come back soon



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